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The Fallas of Durro

Throughout the first week of June, the town celebrates its town festival in its own, original way.
With the summer solstice just around the corner, this festival, which is known as Las Fallas de Durro, uses fire as its main element and it is used as symbolism of purification.
While this tradition is celebrated in the entire valley, Las Fallas de Durro pay homage to an old tradition in which men gave thanks for their good harvests. ¨Fallas¨ are torches made of pinewood. The townspeople descend from the Sant Quirc hermitage with these lit torches following the fadrí major and followed by a mass of people. The descent is usually quite winding while at the same time giving it a colorful and festive feel. On arriving to the town, the festival culminates with a public meal and dance.


The Pla Dance

This is a traditional dance that is enacted during the Festa Mayor, celebrated in September.



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