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Boi Valley

Boí valley is set in the region of the Ribagorza and belongs to the province of Lleida.

In reality, it is not one valley but a set of valleys and mountains with an extension of 220 km.
It boasts a mountainous landscape with historical and cultural values of great importance. The small settlements which inhabit this valley are the only testimony of typical, traditional urbanization and typical of the Pyrenean valleys.
The churches belong to the Romanesque art movement, an artistic style that spread throughout Europe during the X and the XIIIth centuries.  It was the art of the feudal society of the time with each area and era adopting its own style, but maintaining many similar characteristics.  The style of this valley is called Lombard Romanesque, took place between the year 1010 and 1075. The examples of this movement were constructed in a moment of economic euphoria after conquering the last Arabic kingdoms of the west of Catalonia.
Walking along Boi Valley is much more than just enjoying the landscape.  It is to walk through  history, to go back in time and to re-live, in part, the way of living of our ancestors.  It was a time when cars were nothing more than a future idea future and long paths had to be done on foot to sell animals to the fair or even to have a feast.
The traditional trails are ones where men and animals have moved throughout many years from one town to another. Conserving these paths mean, above all, to walk, to enjoy the landscape, the fauna and the flora, but also the dry stone walls, margins and the stone pavements that, with so much patience were placed and that allow us, centuries later, to follow the steps of our ancestors.



Mountain activities

  • Mountaineering
  • Hiking
  • Mountain bike
  • Controlled Fishing 
  • Horseback Riding from Barruera


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